A vehicle is so much more than simply a set of wheels. It is independence, exploration and adventure. It is work, weekends, hitting the road or the high life. At Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance we understand this - which is why, as South Africa's leading banking group, we offer a complete solution to meet your total financing needs of your new or used vehicle or asset.
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Terms and Conditions
As our client, you confirm that:
A) you are not a minor.
B) you have never been declared mentally unfit by a court.
C) you are not subject to an administration order.
D) you do not have any current debt re-arrangement in existence.
E) you have not previously applied for a debt re-arrangement.
F) you do not have applications pending for credit, nor do you have any open quotations under section 92 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 ("National Credit Act").
You consent to Absa Bank Limited (acting through its Vehicle and Asset Finance division) ("Absa"/"us") making enquiries about your credit history with any credit bureau. You consent to us reporting the fact that we have concluded any credit agreement with you to the National Loans Register in compliance with our duties under the National Credit Act. You declare that the information you have provided to us is true and correct in all material respects.
We are a member of the Banking Association of South Africa and want to assure you that we treat all information you give us about your personal and financial matters as strictly confidential. For Absa to offer you a full range of services and products suited to your needs, we need your consent to use your personal information within Absa and to communicate with you on an on going basis.
We are committed to complying with national and international laws, rules, regulations and policies which regulate the combating of criminal activities, money laundering and terrorist financing ("our legal obligations"). For this reason, we may initially screen, verify and process all new customer and related information. If we accept your application, we will continuously monitor all information, instructions and transactions which are relevant to your business relationship with us and the transactions you conclude using our services. This may mean that you will not be allowed to conclude your transactions or parts thereof, or that your transaction may be delayed. This may also mean that we will not carry out all of your instructions, may carry out your instructions only to a limited extent, or may delay in carrying out your instructions. It may also mean that it is necessary for us to end our business relationship with you. To the extent permissible, we will tell you of any prohibitions or limitations which affect any of your applications, instructions or transactions. But we will not be liable, nor will our affiliates, employees, officers or directors be liable, for any loss or damages of whatever kind (including, without limitation, any loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, or other consequential loss) which you may suffer or incur as a result of, in connection with, or arising from the fact that we acted or did not act so as to comply with our legal obligations (this is known in law as a limitation of liability or a disclaimer).
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